Social Media Video Marketing

We create product videos for Social Media Marketing campaigns, to help you create brand awearness
Ideal for promoting current products or new product range

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"The perfect Online marketing tools for directing online traffic or potential customers to your website"

+ Facebook is a powerful Social Media marketing tool as it allows you to post videos in a Facebook Page accompanied by post description, hashtags and url

+ Twitter allows you to upload videos, whilst staying relevant with current trends and staying active by using hashtags along with limited description limit of 160 characters, allowing you to track your campaign conversation

+ Instagram is highly affective as it allows you to post videos to the world to those intrested in a particluar field, whilst gaining new fans and followers each day

+ Youtube videos are being coming extremly popular as it enables people to discover your videos online and Google Search Engines love Youtube videos, Youtube videos can also be embbeded in Facebook, Blogs and Twitter

+ Snapchat videos are brilliant for promoting new products to prospective customers

We create, publish and manage Social Media campaigns, to direct online traffic to your website

Why Video Marketing?

Audience Growth

52.8 million smartphone users watch video content in Europe

Performance Rate

Video content produces 41% higher Click Through Rate in search results

Conversion Rate

85% of visitors are more likely to BUY A PRODUCT after watching video

Consumer Behaviour

Video increases TIME spent on website by 100%

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